A Lesson Plan for Reading, Unit 1 Cultural Relics, Book 2, (NSEFC)

英语教研组  陈晓玲


Date:  November 17th,2009

Student Level:  Senior 1

Teaching time:  40 minutes

Teaching material:  In Search of the Amber Room, Reading of Unit 1, Student’s Book 2 (NSEFC)

Teaching Aims:

1. Language learning:  Enlarge students’ vocabulary by using and practicing the following words and expressions:

amber, treasure, wooden, decorate, jewel, design, artist, honey, worth, former;

belong to, in return;

There is no doubt that…

2. Ability improving:  Guide students to acquire information through reading and study through cooperation and handling tasks.

3. Cultural sense:  Broaden students’ view about cultural relics and world cultures.

4. Emotion and attitude:  Enhance students’ awareness of valuing and protecting cultural relics.

Teaching focuses:

1. Master the useful words and phrases while reading the passage.

2. Train and improve students’ reading ability through comprehending a passage.

Teaching difficulties:

1. Help students read and understand the fate of the lost treasure — the AmberRoom.

2. Cultivate students’ cultural awareness through reading and discussing.

Teaching methods:

Task-based, communicative, and cooperative teaching methods.

Teaching aids: Multi-media facilities & a blackboard

Teaching Procedures:


I. Word bank

Present some new words by showing the students a necklace made of amber and talking about it, with the new words to be used collected in the “word bank”.

(Aim: To arouse the students’ interest and familiarize them with some new words as well.)


II. Pre-reading

Show a picture of the AmberRoom to help the students visualize it.

Questions:  Can you imagine a room made of amber?

How much is it worth?

(Aim: To introduce the students to the theme of the passage.)

III. While-reading

1. Background

Create a character, Ghost, to introduce the background of the passage.

(Aim: To help the students understand who was who so that they will be less confused while reading.)


Hello, everyone! How old am I? Well, I’m too old to know my age, maybe 300 years old or something. I once lived in the AmberRoom. I know everything about the AmberRoom. Here, all these four people owned the AmberRoom for some time.

First, there was Frederick I, the first King of Prussia. He was the first owner of the AmberRoom. After his death, his son, Frederick William I, owned the AmberRoom. Of course, he was the second King of Prussia. Then the AmberRoom came to Russia, to the hands of Peter the Great. He was Czar of Russia. Later on, the AmberRoom became a treasure of Catherine II, who was also a Czar of Russia. Eh, the story of the AmberRoom is really a sad one. I don’t want to say any more now. You find it out by yourself! Bye for now!


2. Scanning

Question:  What did these people do with the AmberRoom?

Join the correct parts of the sentences together.

(Aim: To check the students understanding of the content of the passage.)

1. Frederick I                                                   A. stole the AmberRoom.

2. Frederick William I                                      B. sent a troop of his best soldiers to the King

of Prussia in return.

3. Peter the Great                                             C. had the AmberRoom made.

4. Catherine II                                                        D. had it moved outside St Petersburg.

5. The Nazi army                                             E. gave it to the Czar as a gift.

6. The Russians and Germans                F. built a new AmberRoom after studying

pictures of the old one.


3. Careful reading

Focusing on the fate of the AmberRoom, guide the students to read the paragraphs one by one to get some more detailed information. During the process, the mysteries of the AmberRoom were solved one after another.

(Aim: To train the students’ ability of careful reading through handling exercises in different forms.)


Paragraph 1: How was the AmberRoom made?

Amber that was usedSeveral tons
DesignIn the fancy style popular in those days
People who made itPrussia’s best artists
Time spentTen years


Paragraph 2:  Why was the AmberRoom given to Russia as a gift?

( F )  1. The AmberRoom was made to be a gift for the Russian Czar.

( F )  2. Frederick I gave the AmberRoom to Peter the Great.

( T )  3. Peter the Great sent a troop of his best soldiers to the King of Prussia in return.


Paragraph 3:  How did the AmberRoom become one of the wonders of the world?

1. What did Catherine II do with the AmberRoom?

First, she had it moved to the summer palace.

Then, she had her artists add more details to it.

2. What did the AmberRoom look like after that?

Six hundred candles lit it.

Its mirrors and pictures shone like gold.


Paragraph 4:  How did the AmberRoom get lost?

1. In 1941,   B   took the AmberRoom away.

A. the Russian soldiers                        B. the Nazi army

C. the Red Army                                D. a thief

2. It is certain that the AmberRoom was taken to  D  .

A. St Petersburg                                 B. the winter palace

C. the Baltic Sea                                D. the city of Königsberg


Paragraph 5:  How was a new AmberRoom built?

Who?  Where?  How?


IV. Post-reading

1. Show the students pictures of the old and new AmberRoom, the old and new Golden Horse Archway in Kunming, Yuanmingyuan (the WinterPalace) in Beijing.


2. Group discussion:  Should we rebuild lost cultural relics?

Ask students to form groups of four. Have each group choose a spokesperson, who needs to listen to others and take notes about what others say.

(Aim: To get the students to work together and cultivate their cooperative and task-handling abilities.)


3. Enlightenment (启示)

Encourage the students to think:  How has this passage enlightened you?

u       Cultural relics have cultural, historical and artistic value.

u       To protect cultural relics is to maintain the tradition and spirit of a nation.

(Aim: To enlighten the students to be aware of the value of cultural relics and the importance to protect them.)


4. Further exploration and closing up the topic

Questions:  Where is the former AmberRoom?

There are different opinions …

The character, Ghost, appears again to give some possible ideas about the whereabouts of the AmberRoom.


Hello again! I’m back! I guess you want to know more about the Amber room. Where is it? Some people say it was destroyed in a big fire when the KönigsbergCastle was burnt down by the Red Army. Some say it was now in some wooden boxes lying under the Baltic Sea because the German ship carrying it was sunk by the Russians. Still others insist that it was hidden in a silver mine in Germany. Who knows? The world’s most valuable lost treasure has remained a mystery for half a century. You want to know where it is? Just keep searching! Good luck!


V. Self-reflection

Question:  What have you learned in this class?

  • Words and expressions
  • Understanding the passage
  • Cultural awareness (文化意识)

Aim: To lead the students to assess how well they have performed in class and remind them to consolidate.


VI. Homework

Complete the worksheet.