A Lesson Plan for Vocabulary Revision Unit 3 Computer, Book 2

英语教研组  李然


Date:  October 15, 2012

Student Level:  Senior Grade 3

Teaching Time:  40 minutes

Teaching Material:  Unit 3 Computer, Book 2

Teaching Aids:  Multi-media facilities, the blackboard and the student worksheet

Teaching Objectives:

1. Guide students to review the words and expressions in Unit 3, Book 2.

2. Help students to comprehend some words and expressions in the context.

3. Encourage students to use some useful words and expressions in practice.


Teaching Procedures:

Step 1  Brainstorming

Arouse students’ interest in the lesson.

Students work in pairs and try to come up with at least five words concerning the computer and share with the class.


Step 2  Gap Filling

Remind students of some computer terms by reviewing the text.

Students read the text Who Am I? quickly, focus on the words in bold and work with their partner to complete the timeline about the development of the computer in the worksheet.


Step 3  Testing Yourself

Guide students to figure out the word meaning in the context.

Students read a short passage about the computer and answer three questions in the worksheet. These three questions are all based on the understanding of words in the context.


Step 4  Linking to NMET

Get students to practice using some useful words and expressions by working on some multiple choice questions from NMET.

Students work out the answers by themselves and try to explain why they make the choices and then the teacher makes analyses.

1. Completely new situation will       when the examination system comes into existence.(2010·湖北省黄冈中学月考)

A. rise                 B. arise              C. arouse            D. raise

(Analyze these four words: meaning, past form and past participle.)

2. — I think he is taking an active part in social work.

— I agree with you        .

A. in a way                 B. on the way       C. by the way     D. in the way

(Analyze different phrases with the word “way”.)

3. Jenny nearly missed the flights         doing too much shopping. (2009·全国II)

A. as a result of      B. on top of       C. in front of      D. in need of

4. In our class, when the bell rang and the teacher closed his book, it was a       for everyone to stand up.(2009·湖北)

A. mark                  B. signal               C. chance         D. measure


Step 5  Creative Writing

Inspire students’ creativity and imagination by offering them a chance to create their own story by attempting to use words and expressions in this unit.

Students read the shortest science fiction Knock written by Fredric Brown:

“The last man on earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…”

Then they create a story of their own, using at least three words from this unit and share with the class.

Word Bank for students to choose from:

laptop, network, intelligence, download, designer, explore, reality, human, anyhow, arise,

with the help of, from then on, as a result, in a way…

Students are encouraged to make the most of the word list of Unit 3 on Page 91.